Gel on Hands - Instantly dry nails, no chipping no peeling
With cuticles and a buff
R250 - 30 - 45 min



Hand treatment R240
Foot treatment R260
Paraffin to improve product penetration R90
Pedi with gel toes R350
Scrub, file and paint / buff R180
File and Paint R120
Paint only R90
Gel on toes R250
Medi peel spa pedicure including paraffin wax and paint R420
Medi peel on its own R120
Foot Relaxer R150
Paraffin Wax R90



Full set Bio Sculpture tips R390
Lavender Base Treatment R150
Express Lavender Treatment R250
Bio Sculpture Express Gel Overlay R250
Normal Fill R260
French Fill R290
Repair R80 - 15min R120- 30min
Repair with tip R80
Overlays R370
Soak off R100 - R170